About the author

Phil Bridge is the author of the action/adventure/thriller stories centred around main character Mark Lucas King.

To Date, the Mark King Saga spans a planned 19 books, of which 'Hit' is the first.


Phil Bridge was born in Southampton, Hampshire before moving to Witlshire and studying in Ireland and Cambridge, reading Law & Behavioural Psychology and obtaining a Ba (Hons). He also has Diplomas in Law, Biology & Behavioural Psychology, and Psychology.



After a successful legal career, Phil ran his own business for a while, before focussing on his writing career. A professional dancer in his youth, he always dreamed of returning to the stage to perform but was unable to because of a serious ankle injury. He currently lives in Hampshire, where he indulges his hobbies of Criminal Profiling, painting, singing and oriental weaponry.

The character of Mark King had always been with Phil. He said


‘I think for me, the idea of Mark King was something I had always had ever since I can remember. The idea of a Lawyer, one of the good guys, turning to the other side of life and killing people professionally, really interested me in that, it COULD be done’

Phil grew up on a council estate and says some of the characters in his books are based on real people.


‘I knew some pretty nasty folk growing up. Take for example, the characters of Hix and Vose. There were a couple of guys who used to give me and my best friend a pretty rough time and they didn’t seem to care who they hurt. I think that helped me a lot in these two characters, and some of the others’


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