who is mark king?

Mark Lucas King

Born:                         Cambridge, United Kingdom

Height:                     5'11

Build:                         Muscular

Hair:                            Dark brown

Eyes:                             Dark Brown

Job:                                Former Lawyer working in London, now a professional

                                         hitman and

                                         tactical consultant to FBI & CIA.

                                         former Sandhurst Military Academy student: dropped out

                                         before passing out, due to dubious disciplinary for

                                         inability to respect authority & follow orders.


                                         Previously widowed former wife was Marie King (deceased).

Children:                HOPE MARIE (born 2000)

                                          JOSEPH BENJAMIN (born 2003) (goes by the name Ben)

Location:                Currently residing in New York, USA.

                                         Formerly lived in Cambridge


                                        Scotland (while attending St Andrews University)


                                        Central London, undisclosed location

                                        (loaned to him by friend Nial Atkinson)

Family:                       Parents deceased. Mother-in-law Wendy (Marie's mother)

Likes:                           Classical music, relaxation music, 80's music, cigarettes (John

                                        Player Specials),

                                        Glenfiddich, wandering the Scottish countryside,

                                        justice, rifle shooting.

Dislikes:                   Interpol, MI6, Detlev Kastner (head of German Intelligence


                                       Injustice. Particular hatred for UK Social Services

                                       Dr Duncan Medway, Battlefield CBT Therapist

Skills:                       Sniper rifle (currently holds record for longest distance shot

                                      in UK) small weapons usage, hand to hand combat, tactical



Weapon:                 Mark likes nothing more than a high calibre, long distance,

                                      powerful sniper rifle and there are several Mark likes. The

                                      Israeli-made DAN.338 Rifle is exactly that, and it's Mark's

                                      favourite, along with the AX50 .50 calibre rifle and the rifle he

                                      trains with, the Armalite AR-30 .338 Lapua. However, he will use

                                      practically anything he can make use of.

                                      His preferred sidearm is a Glock 22 with a suppressed silencer.

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