S  C  R  E  E  N  W  R  I  T  I  N  G 

As wells as thriller novels, I  have also written scripts for TV
I love to write thought provoking, character driven narrative, with an enormous sense of realism. Ideas that develop in a strong way, hold the viewers attention, yet are, in a way, everyman, that’s the result I look for. Strong, positive messages, especially with stories of characters that are against the odds, really resonate with me as a writer, I like conveying that to audiences.


“You can’t walk away from a life of killing, without a scratch!”

Set in the dark underbelly of London, this 8 part drama series is ‘Luther’ meets ‘Killing Eve’ in a chilling tale of a deeply religious assassin who must now become a father & defend his daughter from a killer!




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