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August Blog The First 2 Weeks

August 5, 2017

Hello and welcome to the latest PS Bridge blog for August 2017!


Firstly, let me apologise for not blogging more recently, but there is a very good reason: I have recently got married and spend 10 days on my honeymoon in Italy. Let me tell you, the inspiration there,


particularly for book 6 (shh, more about that later!) has been incredible!

Anyway, I have a lot to get through today so let’s get on.


Hit Launch & Reviews


July 27th was the launch of the debut novel ‘Hit’, and I must say it has been an incredible journey so far. The reviews have been wonderful, bar one who didn’t particularly enjoy the book, but then, everyone is allowed their opinion. One reviewer even likened Mark King to Liam Neeson,




‘This book for me, had a bit of a Liam Neeson feel about it, a sort of quiet guy wanting to get on with life and enjoy his time with his family, but boy if you cross him, he turns into a bit of a James Bond with attitude and a deadly knowledge of weapons and chemicals far beyond any normally trained army bloke. There are lots of chases and surprising mysteries in this book to keep you entertained!'


So likened to not one, but TWO awesome characters in one review!


Social Media


Twitter has been awash with publicity and the amazing bloggers on the tour have been fantastic, at one stage, getting over 70 re-tweets in one day! And we’re only half way through the tour! It finishes on 13th August and already I will be sorry to see the end of it, but books don’t write themselves, and I kind of feel guilty for leaving poor Mark King in such a precarious position for weeks at a time while I celebrated my marriage! I hope he still speaks to me!


I will be appearing on the radio next week, with my pre-recorded interview with Talk Radio Europe’s Hannah Murray for Book Talk, taking place on 7th August.


Facebook too, has been lively, with people sharing my updates, pictures and news about myself and Hit, and Mark King, some even acknowledging that there will be a book 2, and eager to see what Mark gets up to then! Watch this space people!




I am discussing with various sources, the idea of some form of competition, whereby the winner, being the buyer of the 1000th copy of ‘Hit’, will be turned into a character in book 2, ‘Hitback’! More details about this will appear later on.


Book 2 – Hitback


As many of you are no doubt aware now, ‘Hit’ is book one of a 22 book series following Mark King’s search for truth and justice, and the protection of his family as he delves deeper into the dangerous and mysterious world of professional killing, and Invictus Advoca. That being the case, it goes without saying that there will be a follow up to ‘Hit’, Hitback!


As of now, there is no concrete release date for ‘Hitback’, although I aim to release a book every six months. In what format this book will be released and by whom is still yet to be discussed, but I CAN PROMISE that ‘Hitback’ WILL be released. I’m just working through some of the details right now, but it is complete and I must say, it’s even more explosive and exciting than ‘Hit’, so do keep checking back to the website for updates.


On a final note, thank you very much to all those who have supported the creation of ‘Hit,’ and its release. My publicist will never truly know how grateful I am to her for all her meticulous hard work and for putting up with me! Special thanks also has to go to my wife, whom, above all, has been the solid foundation as I spent hours at my laptop, worrying about sales figures, publicity, good and not so good reviews, and all that goes with it.


The bloggers involved in the blog tour so far, have been so amazing and supportive, re-tweeting even when they didn’t have to, and supporting me on this first step on my literary journey. It’s not often you are lucky enough to meet such a fantastic, supportive and strong group of people, some of whom are my “competition”, vying just as much for public attention as anyone else. Other authors, publicists, reviewers, and general readers have been fantastic. I cannot thank you all enough.


Thank you all,



                                                                                                          P.S Bridge

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